Craft Kits take flight


We could not be more pleased with how the launch of our crafts kits, packs and experience boxes has gone.  The feedback has been so uplifting and the sales really promising.  As anticipated the kits in the pretty jute bags have sold really well and often as a gift.


The packs have really surprised us though.  We put together packs in cellophane bags based on a colour, texture or theme.


Our biggest seller, by far, is the vintage postcard inspired packs which people seem to find enchanting.  Coral & I have had such fun putting everything together and our work has stimulated some interesting conversations with crafters and new crafters alike.


One of the emerging themes is that crafting is often used as an antidote to the stress of daily life.  This has got us thinking and in the new year we will be launching a new wellbeing craft collection.  Watch this space.

We are currently working very hard on our Christmas collection which we will start feeding into our stall in the next couple of weeks and we will have an online Christmas shop in our folksy shop by the end of September.


So it is an exciting time and we are hugely grateful for the support from all of you.  xx


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