A message of hope.


On a very wet Tuesday afternoon 12 lovely and very talented ladies came together in a village hall to sew.  The afternoon began with a pile of pillowcases and ended with the creation of 20 beautiful dresses for wee girls in Africa.  The transformation was incredibly special.


This was our first charity craft afternoon and Coral and I were thrilled with the whole afternoon.  For people to venture out on such a wet afternoon was humbling in itself let alone the outcomes.  We established a production line that worked really well with 5 distinct workstations and people busy all afternoon.  Even the stop for tea and cake was brief as there was a sense that what we were doing mattered.  Every snip, stitch and press became a moment that was leading somewhere special.  The wee dresses began to flow off the production and onto the hangers and we knew then that this was already a very worthwhile way to spend an afternoon.



IMG_7489I had sewn the original dresses and timed how long it took me so I had a target in my head but I didn’t share it.  I thought that it would make a great photo if everyone could hold up a dress but said no more.  When we charged passed the 15 (my target) mark I smiled quietly to myself remembering why we wanted to do these types of workshops.

Craft & Company was set up by Coral and myself as a way of starting to put back into the industry that we have spent two lifetimes in.  We designed the kits, packs and experience boxes for both new and experienced crafters and have worked hard to ensure they are both affordable and unique.  But from the start of our planning we had the idea of running craft workshops for charities.  We have many different ideas about how this might work in practice and so different models will operate as we move forward.  In many ways this was the simplest.  Bring people together to sew and sew they did.  It was such a honour to put together this workshop and we are excited about going forward.

IMG_7510 IMG_7513

The next one is for the charity Mind and will be called ‘A Mirror for Mind.’  Mental illness is something that is a huge part of modern living but it is desperately underfunded.  This workshop will be our way of contributing to the amazing work done by this charity that is so important to many people.  It will be a ticketed event with all profits going to the charity and in the workshop we will be learning different paint techniques and decorating a mirror to take home with us.  We are just trying to pin down a venue and then we will release tickets.  If you would like to be contacted with more details of this or any future event please complete the form below and we will add you to our contacts list.  We NEVER share our contact list with anyone.

So, we are underway and we just want to thank everyone that helped make this project so special.  A number of us have taken pillowcases away to complete and so we are aiming for our box to have 40 dresses in total.  A very rewarding result.

Crafts & Company is a ‘pop up’ business so if you are holding an event and you will like a wee bit of craft sprinkled in do get in touch.

Blessing to each and every one of you for all the support in our fledgling business.

Coral & Fiona

Craft & Company.

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