Open Studio Event – ‘Waste’


This year Coral and Fiona are representing Crafts & Company in the Arran Open Studio event that runs from the 11th-14th August.  The event is in its 6th year and is more popular each year as it is a chance for visitors to see how art is made on the island and maybe even purchase a piece for their home.

This year Coral & Fiona wanted to showcase how waste can be used to create beautiful things.  A range of upcycling techniques have been used to turn waste into the finished pieces to include –

Machine sewing

Hand embroidery

Painting on different surfaces

Resist using wax

Art stamping

Coral & Fiona each have their own creative voice and we hope this is clear in the exhibition.  Working with waste is more than creative though.  This exhibition is about making a statement about the place of waste in the 21st century.  On a very simple level there is just too much of it and, beyond that, much of it is not biodegradable.  Plastic takes top spot here with much of it outliving us and future generations.  Fiona collects waste off the beach in Whiting Bay and uses it in her art work.  Her biggest issue is the blue plastic rope that litters our shore and has no place being there.  It is so incredibly dangerous to wildlife.  Fiona collects this to make into decorative bowls that, she hopes, will find new forever homes.

Coral has worked with a range of fabrics that have long since been abandoned including hessian sacks that had been used for storing coffee, tea and bird seed.  Now redundant, these sacks have been turned into design-led bags with each one being unique.  Coral has also worked with glass waste to show how it can be upcycled into beautiful items for the home.

There is a chance for visitors to have a go at making their own wee piece of art if they are so inclined as the girls are running creative workshops as part of the event.

Coral and Fiona have a very simple aspiration – that, as a result of this exhibition, people see waste differently.  Everyone is most welcome.  xx

Coral & Fiona

Crafts & Company



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